Baking sale coming soon in the Chicago area

Since many of you know i am a dialysis patient and I decided to not only help others succeed in there love life but also now I want to partner up with my fiance to open  a baking business that will allow you to make orders over the phone for your next big party. we will only be doing cupcakes, cookies ( many different varieties of your choice), brownies. and part of this business is to donate to the national kidney foundation. so please call today for your order! 6306401666 ask for Omer Syed. help out a good cause and make this business boom!


one perfect night for her

Guys are finding it hard to do something special for his beloved.  In this post I will plan out your first amazing night with her, or just because you love her so much. A girl loves surprises especially knowing it came from your heart and effort. Think of something really romantic, a true hearten romantic girl will love candles with rose pedals.

step 1: plan a day where she is working the whole day and comes home to something beautiful to show your appreciation for her hard work.

Step 2: buy some scented candles and light it up all around the house with rose pedals all around each candle you lay out.

step 3: have a nice candlelight dinner setup with rose pedals all over the table with everything setup in one color, which should be her favorite color. From plates, to table cloth, to napkins, to cups.

step 4: write a love letter expressing how you truly feel about her, tell her from your heart the truth of how much you love her, tell her what she means to you, give her a reason to draw a happy tear. place that letter around rose pedals on the table.

step 5: Have some nice smooth background romantic music playing as she looks around to what you have done for her and goes on to read the letter.

if a person can follow these easy 5 steps a girl will love you and cater to you for a life time if she truly feels the same about you and loves you for the effort and thought you put in it.

I will be posting more ideas soon so keep on look out for it