My name is Omer Syed and I am 26, I am  A dialysis patient who believes in true love for himself. I created this idea when I started giving ideas to people who are in love on how they can brighten up there love life. I help people succeed when it comes to love. I help people realize who they are inside when it comes to showing someone what they can do show there love is real. Sometimes we need an eye opener to realize how much to appreciate someone in our life that gives her a true reason to smile. Show each other what you all mean to each other, give each other hope to keep one another happy with love and happiness. Please I beg you don’t ever wait to tell someone you truly love them because you don’t know what life can bring you the next second. I once lost my true love because I didn’t tell them how i felt and she left me but never stopped talking to me and somehow after 8 years she brought me back my true happiness and accepted me the person I am even know me fighting for my life. This is the reason why I want to bring two love birds together and help grow a bond.


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